Information System Audit

As enterprises become more dependent on automated systems and integrated technologies, it becomes imperative for the management to control costs associated with performing audits of their internal information systems. Indeed, today internal information audits are a critical component of an organization's functioning for proper operation of the internal audit department.

In many instances, information systems audit may not be the core competency of the internal IT audit function of an organization - in any such instances, and otherwise, enterprises can outsource the internal information systems audit function to specialists companies for efficient and cost-effective services.

When outsourcing your company's internal information system audit, you must exercise complete discretion with respect to the service provider you choose.

RegisterinIndia works with several client organisations on their internal information systems audit process. Our team is well experienced in serving client organisations of various sizes and diverse industry verticals.

We provide both partial and complete internal information system audit services for department functions, compliance with internal systems, and assistance on a project basis. Our services aim to help companies reduce their costs and take advantage of highly skilled resources to reduce all information systems risks that can impact bottom line.

Our team is headed qualified Information System Auditor holding post qualification certification, securing first position in the NIRC of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. We are supported by a team of professionals who are recognized for their knowledge, skills, experience and credibility to leverage standards, ensure compliance, manage vulnerabilities, institute controls offer solutions, and deliver value to our clients.

Our information system audit services include:

  • Systems and applications: We conduct an audit to verify that systems and applications are appropriate to your company's needs and they are efficient to ensure reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of a system's activity.
  • Information processing facilities: The audit is performed to verify and ensure that the processing facility efficiently and accurately processes applications, both under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.
  • Systems development: We perform the audit for systems that are under development to ensure that they meet the objectives of the organization, and are developed in accordance with generally accepted standards for systems development.
  • Management of IT and Enterprise architecture: The audit is conducted to verify that the organizational procedure and structure developed by the IT team works impeccably in the information processing environment.
  • Client/Server, Telecommunications, Intranets, and Extranets: We conduct the audit to ensure that all controls are in place on the client (computer receiving services), server, and on the network connecting the clients and servers.